Why Shoe Laundry?

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Your wardrobe may be full of clothes 10 Salwar Kameez, 8 Sarees, 10 T-Shirts, 3 Jeans, 15 Shirts….. the list will go on and on. But how many pair of shoes do you have… One… Two or maybe three. We understand that Shoes are your priced possession and if it is an expensive one then you would love to give the treatment it deserves so as to increase it life. But what can you do the clean your shoes. If it is a sports shoe, you may use a detergent with water to clean it but there is risk of the shoe being disfigured or it may loose its shape. If it is a leather shoe then it is all the more difficult because you can’t do much except polishing the shoes. Read More

What is Petrol Wash, Perc and Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning?

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Bhaiyya petrol wash karte ho? (Do you do petrol wash?). This is a very common question a customer asks at any of the dry clean stores. In a layman’s term, if your garments are soiled get it petrol washed and all the stains will be gone. Actually it’s a myth that most people in India believe that if your garments have stains, the solution is to get it dry cleaned. And the most popular methods of dry cleaning in India is Petrol Wash. But the question is what is petrol wash? What your dry cleaner is actually doing with your garments in the name of petrol wash? Read More

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service in Mumbai

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Dry cleaning and laundry services in India are majorly of a substandard quality, Mumbai are no exception to it. In Mumbai, alike in the whole of India, people are being cheated in the name of Dry cleaning & laundry. The local dhobi or launderer accepts garments for dry cleaning and passes on the same to dhobi ghat fellow who in turn washes the garments in water from the nearby borewell. The borewell water is neither filtered nor softened. Infact that water is not treated at all and it damages the garments. Read More