Basic Services

It is a cleaning process for clothing and textiles that combines a mechanical action with the efficiency of a solvent. Several types of solvents are used today. Perchloroethylene and siloxane (silicone) are two cases in point. A dry cleaning machine is similar to a washing machine, except that it is larger and uses a closed-loop system: the solvent is recovered, filtered and reused in the next cleaning cycle. Today, the dry cleaning remains the most efficient method to remove grease stains and other ordinary marks. This treatment also eases ironing.

Verinito makes a point of using and handling solvents in a responsible and socially engaged way for the well being of both employees and customers and for the sake of the environment.

The ironing techniques used exclusively in our stores have been developed by Verinito itself. Each member of our team receives a comprehensive training on ironing, in order to return your clothing and household items impeccably ironed, focusing notably on the workstation ergonomics.

Be it Shoes or bags, ladies or gents, at Verinito we take proper care in repairing and refurbishing your expensive luxury items increasing their life span and quality. Your shoes and bags needs special care as it is not only expensive but also delicate. Cleaning, repairing and overall maintenance requires utmost care and attention.

At Verinito, we understand this and know exactly what it takes to treat the most premium aspect of your attire.

Carpets are used to enhance the beauty of your room. However, due to continuous usage your carpets tends to get dirty and whats worse, it may even start stinking if a proper treatment is not done. We at Verinito, are pledged to provide expert cleaning services and carpets are no exception for us. We provide highly professional carpet cleaning at a low cost and at your door step. So that you can inspect our cleaning services live. Your carpets are cleaned and are ready to use within 4 – 5 hours.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process​

  • Dry vaccuming of carpets to remove dust particles.​
  • Dirt extraction and stain removal by scrubbing and shampooing.​
  • Thorough rinsing​

Note: The carpets will be moist for about 4 – 5 hours after rinsing and should not be used till it is completely dry.

Our stores are equipped with ultra Modern “State of the Art” machines that use ’water’ as the primary cleaning solution. This process is based on 4 elements, fundamental to the efficiency of the washing process: the mechanical action, laundry products, temperature and the time allocated to each washing cycle. We use an exclusive range of laundry products that bleach, purify, de-grease and soften textiles.

Verinito Sofa Cleaning Service
Verinito is synonymous with quality service and our sofa cleaning service is no exception. We provide professional sofa cleaning service at your door step. Like any other article, no two sofas are the same. Sofa types varies in material, texture, frame, single layered foam, multi layered foam, no foam, Cotton padded sofas, spring based sofas, leather sofas, artificial leather sofas, Rexin sofas, suede sofas – the list goes on and on. Different types of sofas needs different treatment hence the process varies from sofa to sofa. We have expert, professional and experienced executives who understand the processes and apply the correct method of cleaning so as to provide the maximum cleaning results.
Salient features of Verinito Sofa Cleaning Service:
1) Smart and experienced people who understands the sofas and process to be given for best results
2) Reliable people to work with. Our executives are courteous and well mannered. 
3) Usage of bio-degradable solvents imported from the USA to give maximum cleaning quality.
4) Usage of dry foam to reduce the drying time. Your sofas will dry in less than an hour.
5) Dry Foam, since it is dry in nature, does not penetrate deep inside the frame of the sofa hence the wooden frame does not get wet and its life does not deteriorate.
1) Does our sofa cleaning service guarantee 100% stain removal?
Ans 1 – We use bio degradable solvents that is specially imported from the USA. Prior to shampooing, we try to remove the stains by spotting and scrubbinfg on the stains. There are high chances (80% – 90%) that the stains will be removed, at times if the stains are very deep in the texture, it may not be removed completely but it will fade away by 30% – 75%. There may be stains which are very old and the texture has absorbed the colour of the stain. Those are are impossible to remove and may not go. However, the dirt, filth, bacteria, germs etc will be removed completely and the sofa will be fresh. We assure, if we are unable to remove a stain, nobody else will be able to remove it. 
2) Will the water used while cleaning the sofa damage the wooden frame of my sofa?
Ans 2 – The sofa may be of many types but mostly the frame of any sofa is made of wood. If water is used extensively for sofa cleaning, it penetrates deep inside the frame. The suction power is able to suck the water as deep as 6 – 8 inches from the texture but the wooden frame is much deeper than that. It means, even after your sofa dries up, your wooden frame is still wet, since there is no ventilation the moisture does not dry up fast as a result in the longer run the life of your wooden sofa frame will reduce. Hence the sofa that could lasted for 10 years, is damaged in 6 – 7 years. At Verinito we use dry foam, since it is dry in nature it does not penetrate more than 4 – 5 inches in your sofa. The dry foam does not reach your wooden frame and hence 100% foam is sucked out. Your wooden sofa frame remains dry and hence it lives its entire life span. 
3) Can we get our leather / Rexin / Artificial leather sofas polished?
Ans 3 – Like all other leather articles, your leather / Rexin / Artificial leather sofas can also be polished. But most of the vendors use shoe polish or some other local wax polish to polish your sofa. Sofas are different than shoes. When you sit on the sofa, the chemical molecule of the wax polish tends to get transferred on your garment. At times it causes skin irritation becuase the wax of the wax polish does not evaporate and is still on the texture of your sofa. Hence the chemical used on your sofa has to non hazardous to your skin and it should also be volatile in nature. We use liquid shoe polish specially imported from Germany. Within 10 minutes of polishing, the liquid evaporates and does not leave any chemical residue on the surface, the only thing left is your sofa is its shine!
Our Prices
Fabric Sofa          Rs. 350 Per Seat 
Leather Sofa        Rs. 550 Per Seat 
Fabric Chairs .     Rs. 200 per chair
Leather Chair .     Rs. 300 per chair
Foam Mattress .   Rs. 1000 per mattress (upto 40 sq ft)
1) For home visit there should be a minimum of 3 sofa seats or 5 chairs
2) Big Sofa chairs are treated as sofa seat and prices of sofa will be applicable
3) GST @ 18% will be charged 
Get 7 Sofa seats cleaned and pay for 6
Corporate offer
We offer special rates to corporates for bulk cleaning (Minimum 50 seats / chairs).

Expert Services

Dust mites are microscopic spiders who get stuck in hot and wet areas and produce a huge quantity of dejections that can cause allergic reactions. Our anti dust mite treatment protects your duvets, sheets, pillows, curtains, etc, against dust mite infestation for 6 months.

In order to enjoy a longer ironed and impeccable effect of your article. Finishing product is a thin layer that is put on the article in order to improve its appearance for instance. Generally finishing product is used when a new article is created. It is particularly efficient on natural fibers such as the linen and cotton.

Moths are small butterflies that lay their invisible larvae on your clothes. The latter may take up residence in your cupboard, away from light. In the meantime, they feed on wool and other natural fibres and thereby damage your clothes: coats, suits, sweaters, skirts, not to mention blankets, carpets…

By starching your tablecloths or napkins, we protect them against embedded stains while bringing them a glossy finish and a perfect shape. Starching your clothes make them look neater, even in a hot or wet climate.

White clothes, specially shirts, tend to turn yellowish over a period of time. This is because the whites are not given the proper treatment it deserves, as a result the fabric quality and colour deteriorates over a period of time. Verinito Whitening is a special treatment which refurbishes your whites.

Today, many items can be made out of only one category of fibres or a mix of different natural, synthetic and artificial fibres. Delicate fibres, such as silk or cashmere, shall be cleaned with the greatest care. The same applies to items embellished with fragile ornaments (like sequins or beads), and items whose fibre has been damaged by stains or lingering odours.

Verinito has managed to elaborate an innovative cleaning process, Verinito Max, capable of treating all kind of fibres, including the most delicate ones, in a soft and efficient way.

Here are some examples for which Verinito Max is a must:

  • SILK: For wedding dresses, evening gowns, delicate blouses
  • CASHMERE, PASH MINA: For cashmere sweaters, pashmina stoles…
  • PURE VIRGIN WOOL: Sweaters, cardigans, delicate dresses.
  • ARTIFICIAL FIBRES SUCH AS VISCOSE AND ACETATE: Cocktail dresses, evening gowns…But also for clothes adorned with ornaments, beads, embroideries, lace, fur etc.:
  • INLAYS: Glitter, sequins …
  • APPLIQUÉ PIECES: Sewn leather or PVC pieces…

Thanks to this innovation, the most difficult stains to treat can be removed (coffee, blood, wine, etc…). The same goes for rings and the most tenacious odours.

In addition, our service Verinito Max TM protects the white and the colours of all your delicate items. Your items are restored to their original beauty, lustre and shape, making them feel brand new.

Coats, raincoats, jackets, not to mention ski suits lose their waterproof capabilities over time. More often than not, after 1 wash, the item is no longer protected and consequently neither are you. Let us renew your tired clothes with our waterproofing treatment, and make the most of your outdoor activities without any worries!