About Us

Verinito is a Live Dry Clean Company in metro cities in India, starting from Mumbai. The main objective is to provide European style dry cleaning experience at local prices so as to benefit the masses in general who may not be able to afford European Dry Cleaning Standards currently available in India. Verinito provides the best quality in terms of cleaning, packing and pick up / drop service as per the current industry standards available anywhere in the world at the prices of the local dhobi.

Verinito pledges to acquaint every single Indian to the European Dry Clean standards without pinching their pockets.

We are the first and the only company in India to introduce ‘Rapido’ which is the fastest response time ever in India or anywhere in the world. We process and return the garments in 2 hours!!!


In the era prior to 17th century, people used to wash their clothes in the nearby river in groups. There was no expert machinery for stain removal hence they used to use wooden bats and boards. Later a more systematic method was adopted by the people, they started washing their clothes on a metal board using hard bar soap and a tub of hot water. But not all were able to afford this hence a few people who could have afforded this started cleaning clothes of other people for a price and hence the laundry business came into existence.

Gradually, these laundries developed into more Hi Tech and modern laundries as and when new technology came into being. Today, laundries have made a revolution with the ‘Live Laundry’ concept across the globe. In India too, International Dry cleaning brands have established a strong foothold in the laundry business focusing on major metros like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru etc. But…….. all these Hi Tech frills are limited to a very small faction of the society as many may not afford the services due to inflated and unreal price policy of the European companies available in India.

Verinito has launced a ‘Live Dry Clean Studio’concept where all machines are on display so that the customer knows, at Verinito, we actually Dry clean. And that too at the prices of the local dhobi. Hence, Verinito has bridged the gap between the Indian masses and the State-of-the-Art European Dry Clean concept.


To become India’s Premiere Dry Cleaning Brand by the end of the year 2020.


  • To Acquaint every Indian household to International Dry Cleaning experience without hurting their pockets.
  • To convert the prevailing India’s unstructured dry clean Industry into an organized and professionally managed industry.

Core Values

  • Providing the highest quality of dry clean using Hydro Carbon technology at all master stores
  • Usage of non hazardous and non-carcinogenic solvents so as to provide a healthy and hygienic dry clean experience
  • Odour less cleaning
  • Absolute value for money for the customers


To become a household name in India. To expand to all states with atleast 100 outlets in the next 5 years. To become a pioneer in the field of Retail Dry Clean in India.

Corporate milestones

16 Sep 2018

First Flagship store opened at Mira Bhayander

24 Feb 2019

Master Store opened at Kandivali (West)

01 Mar 2019

Mini Store Opened at Mira Road

09 Oct 2022

Opened our first store in North India – Dhanbad, Jharkhand


Dr. R. Mallick

The visionary who actually visualized the possibility of setting up a modern Live Dry Cleaning Laundry in India, not just limiting to the major metros but also in smaller towns and suburbs.

Mr. A. Kulay

The strategist who has played a pivotal role in grooming the Verinito concept.

Mr. Z. Mallick

The techinical expert responsible for research and adaptation of new technology in the dry clean industry so as to boost the services of Verinito with state-of-the-art mechanisms.

Mr. U.B. Sayyed

Mr. B. R. Shaikh

Mr. J. M. Dange

Er. A. Majid

These are the pillars on which the financial backing of Verinito stands. Its because our investors trusted us and kept their faith in the Verinito concept that the very existence of Verinito came into being.